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    We have a tree, between our street and sidewalk, that has roots above ground. Grass can't grow, and the dirt is hardpacked and cracked all around it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of how to improve this area?

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    Well you have two issues here:

    1. Lack of grass.

    2. Roots that are going to damage the sidewalk eventually.

    People commonly make the mistake of planting trees too close to their house, sidewalk, or driveway. The roots stretch out and eventually ruin the concrete. There is no cure for this other than cutting down the tree. You can dig down and trim the roots, but that isn't good for the tree and it might die anyways, and the roots will grow back given time. I don't know how big your curbside area is, and if it is just a small tree and you've got like 6 feet its no big deal. Its when someone plants an oak within a few feet on a concrete surface that you'll have a problem.

    As for the grass. Grass rarely grows close to the trunk of a mature tree, it isn't supposed to grow there. Grass needs sunlight and competing with a tree for both sun and nutrients isn't good for the grass, or the tree. This is why most people mulch around their trees, and that is what you should do for any tree you want to thrive.

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