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Thread: What is your favorite fruit ?

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    Default What is your favorite fruit ?

    What is your favorite fruit ?
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    Default Summer Fruits

    I love summer, and I love summer fruits- including watermelons, mangoes, papayas, strawberries, and cherries.
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    My wife and I tried our 1st dragon fruit (pitaya) at a farmers market last weekend. We enjoyed the flavor so much we bought 3 of the pitaya cactus to grow our own crop.

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    we're definitely a mango family. DELICIOUS! The only downside for me is having to pick the fibers out from between my teeth afterward. Being from Michigan, we're also big on apples. There are some nice orchards close by. My favorites are plain ole Gala. I also like the "Pink Lady" variety.

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    My favorite fruits are:

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    Blueberries. Hands down.
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