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Thread: Which flowers are there in your garden?

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    Default Which flowers are there in your garden?

    Which flowers are there in your garden?
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    My aunt is into Tulips I don't know why but I think it's something special to her. The garden is like her sacred place but then at some point it just grew into me that flowers are definitely fascinating.

    One time me and cousin were scolded for playing in her garden. So now she got those pots and garden box to cover her plants but the good thing is that she decided to build a playhouse for my cousins.

    Well, personally I like roses and orchids...I think because they're kind of symbolic in some way.

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    I would like to have some blue flowers in my garden, how well do flowers hold up in different climate conditions? I live in a more humid climate, I have been doing some research but am liking the idea of having a green house to grow more tropical plants.

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