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Thread: What are the benefits of gardening?

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    I can think of so many benefits that gardening has, being able to grow your own food is the biggest one in my opinion. It can be relaxing and it gets you outside and moving. It is better for the planet to have a natural garden and not using tons of chemicals to grow food for an ever demanding market.

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    I agree, inchworm. Being able to grow your own food, and the feeling of leading a self-sustainable life that this gives you is wonderful. And to be in harmony with nature. I also love just getting my hands into soil, it's like mediation to me, my mind goes quiet when I'm doing that.

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    Gardening is a labor of love. Exercise is just plain labor. Human nature suggests that you're going to do something you love much more frequently than something you donít love. Given the choice between a treadmill and gardening, I'll take the garden anytime.
    Gardening is a labor of love. Exercise is just plain labor.

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