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    Smile Composting 101

    Every year we throw away millions of dollars in garbage at the local landfill. Instead of wasting our money like this, we could convert this garbage into "black gold" by composting. Composting is easy and can turn your kitchen, paper and yard wastes into rich natural fertlizer for your lawn or garden. Compost improves the quality of your soil which is extremely important in a place that has poor soil like Colorado Springs.
    So, how do you do composting? First, you have to pick out a compost bin that will fit your needs or an area in your yard to make a compost pile. Compost bins are usually better for smaller yards.
    Next you are going to start filling it up with all that stuff you have been putting in a trash bag or down the disposal. This includes outer leaves of lettuce and cabbage, peelings from fruit or vegetables, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, freezer burned fruits and vegetables. Don't throw away those empty paper towel and toilet tissue rolls, tear them up and put them into your compost bin. Want to recycle your old newspaper, shred it up and add it to the compost bin. Add your grass clippings and leaves from your yard.
    So the basic idea is go "green", recycle your waste and make your own fertilizer instead of buying it at the big box stores. Just throw your waste into a compost bin instead of putting it in a black plastic bag to go to the landfill and lay there for years. Everybody wins!

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    I agree wholeheartedly! Good post! I've been composting for a few years now. I'm low-tech... just a pile behind my garage that gets turned. We save SO much room in our trash container by not throwing away all those little fruit and veggie scraps - not to mention all the leaves, grass clippings, and coffee grounds. It really adds up! I'm to the point now where I need to expand my operation a little... maybe have a couple piles going.

    And the end product is beautiful, gorgeous, nutritious black gold. Ain't nothin' like it.
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    Go Green! Great ideas you have here compost lady!


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    Default Lists of materials that can be composted

    Great post. I've been gathering lists of materials that can be composted. Here are a few:

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    That's all great information, and I appreciate the tips. If we put this garbage into our compost bin, then sure, it turns into compost and can be reused, and that's great. However, are you saying that it won't turn into compost at the land fill? I like the idea of recycling, but whether it turns into dirt we use in our own gardens or dirt that sits in a landfill, what is the major difference?

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