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Thread: A lawn 70% filled with weeds.

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    Default A lawn 70% filled with weeds.

    I've been mowing and pulling out these weeks every month. Since I live in South Florida, those weeds are getting annoying. Anyways of getting rid of the weeds faster without the monthly maintenance?

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    I would say getting a goat or two would be an honestly good and realistic suggestion.

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    Hi Enix,

    I find it's a lot easier if I pull them every time I mow, or every time I'm out there watering. The roots actually come out a lot easier if I pick while I'm watering. I usually just take a couple extra minutes each time to patrol the lawn and pick them rather than letting them go. My lawn is now virtually weed-free.

    Depending on how bad your weed problem is though, you may need to go with more drastic measures - the extreme being a complete lawn kill & til, and starting from scratch.

    Hang in there!

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    Excellent advice NoFear! I totally agree. tending the weeds in your garden is just like anything. If you do it consistently, it will require minimal upkeep for the most part. It's like housework. If you just do 20-30 minutes per day 4-6 times per week, you won't have to spend 4 hours on saturday and sunday to get it all cleaned up.

    Same thing goes for gardens, or working out. It's not the quick, tough 3 hour work out once per month that will get you in shape. It's the consistency of 20 minutes every day that will get you and keep you in shape.

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    Fun analysis thebigtomato! There are certain things in life that you just need to do frequently to avoid spending more time on them at one time. Weeding is definitely one of these things. I'll keep this in mind once I start working on my garden.
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    IMO Chemical controls are the only way to reclaim a lawn gone to weed. It is very easy to keep a lawn weed free without any chemicals if you're starting from a weed free lawn. You just mechanically remove any that show up, and hope your neighbors do the same. In your situation though you need a weed killer made for lawns. It will likely take multiple applications but eventually you can get there.

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    I agree with Chris. You are talking about your lawn, not garden. I believe. You can hire in a company to spray your lawn. I do it once a year. Or you could go to your local hardware and get a walk behind spreader, buy lawn feed/weed killer and do it yourself. If you do it yourself; Do it in spring or now for you and once in the fall. You'd be surprised!

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    Default Killing weeds by attrition

    Quote Originally Posted by Enix View Post
    I've been mowing and pulling out these weeks every month. Since I live in South Florida, those weeds are getting annoying. Anyways of getting rid of the weeds faster without the monthly maintenance?
    I live in Oklahoma so the climate is very different, but I can tell you we attract some killer weeds out here with the dry weather and clay soil. I am saddened to see most people here miss the basics of lawn care. If weeds have destroyed your lawn and taken over, pulling them will only make room for new weeds to return. You need to put down some strong grass seed to take hold again in addition to pulling the weeds or you will be fighting a losing battle every time. Weeds spread faster than grass. A healthy lawn doesn't need constant chemical treatment because the grass will take care of itself fending off weeds. You will likely notice the worst weeds will start in areas that are bare or thin. That's where you start your efforts.
    ALSO: Let that grass grow a bit man! Make sure you are not OVER-mowing. Always leave about 2/3 of that grass standing. There are tons of grass charts out there on the internet:

    Feed the good dog, starve the bad one!
    Hope this helps!

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    I use Grass Getter, selective herbicide. You might want to try it with your weeds proble.
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    A lot of good advice in this thread already. I'd try a professional spraying to kill off the weeds you have followed by a new grass seeding with the strongest seed you can find.

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