Hey everyone! Seeing as I recently built a raised garden, making sure everything is water is now a priority. As such, I also want to help minimize my water bill during this summer. I've done research online and found that what I would want to do is make a rain barrel to collect water from my roof and gutters of my house.

Assuming that I am unable to obtain a barrel to use, I am willing to go the route of building a large wooden box that, lined with some type of waterproofing material, would contain the water. Can anyone recommend a good material to line wood with so that it will be able to contain water?

Also, please comment on my thoughts for designing the barrel (regardless of whether or not I obtain an actual barrel or build one myself):

The barrel will be placed on some brick pavers so that it is raised. Two spigots will be attached near the bottom of the barrel, one for filling a water can and one for a drip irrigation-type system. Ideally for the drip irrigation system, I would have a hose connected to the spigot that would be lined with holes and it would snake underneath my garden. For an overflow, I will be attaching a PVC pipe at the top to route water into a nearby sump pump system.

So, can anyone help me out or comment? Thanks!