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Thread: Propagating Hydrangeas

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    This is my first time trying to propagate hydrangeas from clippings. I took the clippings a few days ago, and they are still looking healthy. Does this mean that it is likely that they will root and grow?

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    Hard to say. I've tried a couple times, mine also look fine throughout the fall, even getting a tad bit of new growth, but then fail to live through the winter.

    I've never taken spring cuttings though (nothing to take cuttings from here yet anyways).

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    I have had success propagating hydrangeas, I cut a large stem (planted immediately) and then just stuck it directly in the ground. I put them against my house on the shady side (the north side of our house never gets shade). Make sure you keep the ground nice and moist. I have done this in both the spring and fall.

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