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Thread: favorite type of music

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    Default favorite type of music

    What is your favorite type of music?

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    My favorite music is Pop and rock music
    it is very interesting and enjoyfull music....
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    Classic Rock and Alternative. . . however, I'm pretty much a fan of all kinds of music.

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    80's underground, OLD country, Americana / bluegrass, electronic

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    Electronic? I'm not overly familiar with that, but would that be similar to that band "They/We Slay Dragons"? I think they play a lot of their music with old Nintendo sounds and controllers.

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    I like rock music most.
    It is very full of enjoy than others.......

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    Oh me too, me too! I love music full of enjoy!
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    I like pop music.

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    I like like both classic and rock music.
    But my favorite is classic music......
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    I like most:
    Novelty Songs
    Old Club

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