I just found this forum and hoped that someone will be able to help me. Two years ago we went through 2 landscapers (fired both) spend 40k and still are not happy. They were to make a patio, retaining wall, inground spa and plants. Well the patio turned out ok, the wall is ok but the inground spa did not work and has since been made a spa. We have several issues that I am hoping you guys can help with. I will be doing it myself. I will post photos later. Hers a few questions to start more to come once we get photos up. I am really hoping that you can help us as this is project makes me cry.

1. The patio keeps getting weeds in the cracks... we just picked them 3 days ago and they are back. Is there a way to prevent this? I sprayed them with vinegar which slowly kills them but there were so many. The wife says to dig out all the sand and re do? Seal it? Why do some patios never have this issue?

2. Our waterfall in the photo attached is the old one.. I since had lined it with pond liner and rocks as it leaked like mad.. seems the rocks they used were pours or something? just wondering is there a way to seal rock?

I couldn't get photo to work so here is a link.

Thanks in Advance.