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Thread: favorite flower

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    Default favorite flower

    My favorite flower is rose
    What is your?
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    My favorite flower is jasmine and Motiya
    these are best flowers...

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    I love roses.....all kinds!

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    Hmm, I love orchids! Beautiful color and just brightens up my day.

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    Roses are awesome. Here are a few of my favorites;

    This is one of David Austins climbing roses, we have it on the side of our shop.

    This flower I purchased the seed when in New Zealand. It is called Jacob's Coat.

    This flower is part of the daisy family;

    Cody Wellard

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    Hey Cody, awesome pictures! I love the roses and Jacobs coat as well. That Jacobs Coat is a beautiful flower!

    I don't know if I have a favorite flower. I love stargazers and tiger lilly's, but this plumeria below is beautiful!

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    My favorite flowers are definitely roses! I love my hybrid teas

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    Yep Abigail, beautiful flowers. You can see a ton of great pictures of hybrid teas on Google at this link: (copy and paste it into browser) =hybrid+teas&gbv=2&oq=hybrid+teas&aq=f&aqi=g8g-m2&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=1390l4316l0l4367l11l10l0l2l 2l0l817l1880l0.3.3.6-1l7l0
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    Red Rose is my favorite flower.
    I like it's fragrance....
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    Rose is my favorite.
    I like it...

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