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    So we just moved up to the great state of Maine and found an amazing house. One thing I didn't really check on was how much sun there would be in our yard. We were house shopping in the winter so there were no leaves and it looked like the yard got plenty of sun but I was out doing some yard work today and realized that my property is surrounded by trees and once the leaves come in we are going to have very little sun in our yard. Do you think it would be worth it to cut down some trees to garden or go and work on a local co-opp farm?

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    What an interesting predicament you find yourself in. If it were me, I would appreciate the privacy the trees offered, but I would still want either my own indoor garden or small area to call my own. At the same time, the local co-opp garden would be a fantastic opportunity to both get out of the house and to meet people being in a new neighborhood.

    Yes, I know I didn't answer your question But I'm sure you'll follow your heart and be happy.

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    For me, it would depend on the type of trees you've got. For example... if you've got some maples that have gorgeous colors in the fall, it'd be a little tougher for me to cut those down. That said... if you've got 12 of them, losing 3 might not be the end of the world. (they make more every day)

    My personal opinion is that having your own garden on site is best. It's certainly a lot more convenient. That doesn't mean you still can't get involved and go meet some folks at the co-op once in a while though.

    So that's my long way of saying... if you've got a boat load of trees, and if losing a couple will allow you to have an on site garden.... then I say chop away. But that's me.

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    And its these "crazy choppers" that are contributing to global warming. . . lol jk nofear

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