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Thread: New Here... Anyone remember the Garden Town Gazebo?

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    Smile New Here... Anyone remember the Garden Town Gazebo?

    Back about 10 years ago I used to frequent another gardening forum called Garden Town. I miss the camraderie (sp?) I found there. I'd like to reconnect with those old friends I met there, and hopefully make new friends here.

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    If you long for the old, you might miss the new..LOL
    Joke Good spot to get going here.
    Hope to trade seeds an plants on here , if anyone is doing so.


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    Default Yes .. I was there .. at GT Gazebo

    But I have also lost all the names etc. I was the only Dane there! But got postcards from all the US citzens for a long time.
    Have fun

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    Just droppin' by to say hello and welcome.

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    I did chat at garden town. I liked the chat format but did post questions in the gazebo.
    I was Dobi, I met, Gypsy and hubby Fred, Lousiana. Rogue lady and her hubby Galloping goose, Oregon. Mars, Virginia. It was a great place with NO "dirt" except in the garden.

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