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Thread: i need ideas for a garden shed

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    Default i need ideas for a garden shed

    i need some plans for a garden shed and i have tons and tons of wood
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    Hey there beautiful gardener. If you do a google search for shed plans you won't find much for free, but the DIY network has some great, free plans for a dog house which you can scale and use as plans for a shed. ( It should give you a starting point and help you understand what you need to do. If that doesn't help try visiting a bookstore like Borders or the gardening department of hardware store. Usually they have lots of resources for building all kinds of outdoor structures. Make sure to take some pictures as you build it. That way you can post them on here and others can see them.
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    I wouldn't recommend finding plans online, they are far too pricey
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    What size wood are u using. Do you need formal plans or can a sketch do. Is this rural or city building

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    Well it actually depends on the amount of area you have for your garden. At some point, you may want to grow plants and flowers separately. I don't know with you, but for me it's kinda neat to look at that way. You can try to check for some garden boxes which would also be efficient to save some space in your backyard that way you can still perhaps use it for a playhouse or something that would be fun for kids.

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    There are lots of photos online, but as what davidbkeegan said plans online are quite expensive.

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    There are a lot of designs you can look at online. Just the basic Google search will do. Whenever we have a project we want to do at home we do weeks and even months of researching. You kinda end up liking everything though.
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