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Thread: What is eating my tomatoes?

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    Default What is eating my tomatoes?

    I have tomatoes in pots in my front yard, and I have discovered an animal was taking the tomatoes. I found one in the front yard with bite marks. The tomato had a diameter of about 2 inches. What is taking them?
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    It could sometimes be birds too, I'll try to use something to cover over the tomatoes partially, newspaper works great although it looks pretty ugly...
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    Rabbits ate mine last year! It was so frustrating because there wasn't much I could do

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    are there stray dogs or cats in your neighborhood. I caught a cat eating some of my veggies
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    I think Chipmunk and Rabbit are only two who eat tomato.
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    if I were you, I'd lay down some cayenne pepper around your tomato plants. If you get some on the tomatoes, that's fine... just be sure to wash before you eat! You can also try dropping a few moth balls around the perimeter of your garden bed. This "should" help keep the critters away. Although, I did once have a chipmunk who wouldn't take a matter how much hot pepper I put down. Maybe he had sinus issues!

    Happy Gardening!
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