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Thread: question about avocado trees

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    We have lots of avocado tress here in our place and its even our climate is always changed into hot n suddenly cold n raining, but our avocado tree still growing ok n produces good fruits too."]casino games online
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    avocado is really best in every country
    it is also best in cold countries
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    Hello everyone
    I have a couple avocado trees in a big vase and was wondering if i need to keep only one inside since they grow so bi
    I do not have a backyard or garden and also if i need to fill the planter with more dirt since i can still see the original seeds
    I plant it last summer and they are growing fine but dodnt know what will happen now on
    see pictures and any idea will be welcomeavocado tree.jpg

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    I just saw this thread started two years ago but will still post my reply anyways since this topic was awakened by the previous person before me. Thanks. Though you are in North Carolina you can still grow avocado trees, that variety is called Don Gillogly.

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    I recently planted the seed from an avocado. Its now 60 cm tall and doing well. I tipped the main branch which then promoted another branch . 2 main stems now. Then I tipped the buds of the new 2 branches . Now there are 4 main branches
    Cheers from Australia

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