Hey all, first post here. Im at a loss and thought Id look for a forum to help me out!

Alright, so with being laid off Ive had a lot of time to work on the yard. My front yard used to slope down to the sidewalk. It was a pain to mow, and the grass wasn't the best. To remedy this, I found 750 free bricks on Craigslist, and picked them up to make a 2-tier retaining wall/garden. The wall I made using a 'Flemish Bond', which means every-other brick, you lay long-ways, and then back-fill every layer with dirt. It's VERY sturdy, and a good solution for a low wall without needing mortar.

(the stone circle planting was already at the house, I dont care for it much, but it's staying for now. Also, the bad looking grass is sod I replanted after leveling and lowering the ground underneath of it.)

Excuse the grass, I was away all last week, and it rained A LOT and I haven't had a chance to mow.
The bottom layer of the tier is planted with Snapdragon's, Marigold's, Wave Petunia's, and Daisy's. Now, the top layer is where I need help as Im not quite sure what would look best. At the top left, you'll see I already have a Rhododendron, which will look nice once it blooms/grows a bit.

At the back of my house, I have a 'temporary' planting bed that I made from bushes I had around the house when I bought it, and some others I picked up for cheap and/or free. I have NO clue what kind these are, so Ill do my best to describe:

I have 5 of these. Looks like ornamental grass, but was given to me free by a neighbor and was told it will have a single flower bloom from each planting in mid-late summer. Currently about 6-8" tall:

I have 3 of these, 2 big, 1 small: Lots of leaves, spreads out a bit, small pink flower blooms. About 12-18" tall

I have 4 of these bushes. NO clue what this is, but it actually looks like a marijuana leaf to me, but doesn't smell like it. These bushes are already 18-24" tall.

Now, I would like to fill in that top layer of my tier, but not sure if I should go with bushes, more flowers, ground cover, etc. I do NOT want to block the view from the sidewalk of the house. Against the house I have Persia (flower), Marigold's, burning bushes (need to be trimmed), Cotton Easter, and a pink flowering Azalea. What do you guys think would look good? Im semi at a loss here, but not sure...Id obviously like to use what I already have since it'd be free, but do you have any other suggestions? If so, how should I arrange them in the bed?