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Thread: Killing Weeds, without Killing Grass

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    Ditto above you need to use a selective herbicide..or hire a professional.
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    Overseed until the lawn is dense enough to prevent weeds from growing. Most turf weeds give you an indication of soil problems ex. compaction, nutrient deficiencies,etc. Keep lawn at 3" minimum. Water infrequently. Solve the problem and don't just look for the easy out by using chemicals. You'll always have issues if you do.

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    Default What about around pools?

    Hey, I know this is an old thread, but hopefully I'll be responsible for opening it back up. I'm having difficulty with weeds constantly popping up in my yard. I have a 4ft above ground pool that consistently has weeds growing from under the pool. Obviously, I can't just take out the pool and get to the source of the problem, so I was curious to know if chemicals could be utilized. But like one person mentioned, I don't want to kill the grass surrounding the pool. I worked too hard to let all of my hard work be ruined because of some weeds. Any suggestions? I hate constantly cutting the weeds's annoying!!!
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    I'm not always for chemicals, have you tried over seeding?
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    These sort of problem we have to face need some caution..I had to face same thing.

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