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Thread: Killing Weeds, without Killing Grass

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    Default Killing Weeds, without Killing Grass

    What is the best way to get rid of weeds in the lawn without killing the grass?

    Weed and Feed?
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    It depends.

    You will need to use a selective herbicide (something that kills weeds but not grass). These of course do not work on all weeds.

    There are two main types, preemergent herbicides prevent seeds from germinating. These are the best but require prior thought. They won't help you with an existing weed problem. However if your weeds are annual weeds applying this will make sure they don't come back next year.

    Postemergent herbicides work on already growing weeds.

    Ortho Weed B Gone Max is a product I use. It comes in a hose end sprayer for mass coverage, but also a squeeze sprayer for individual weeds. It works well, especially on dandelions.

    Scotts Turfbuilder has a type for weeds, Plus 2 Weed Control or something, its a yellow bag. This is a granula that you'll spread but it helps if it sticks to the leaves which means the leaves should be wet. Overall I do not like this product as much.

    For preemergent herbicide I use Scott's Turfbuilder Crabgrass Preventer (blue bag). You usually apply this in the spring with maybe a boosted application in early summer. Of course once you get rid of the weeds this is all you need to apply to keep them away.

    The Weed & Feed type product (which both scotts are btw) is nice, but you don't always need to fertilize when killing weeds so I like the Ortho one better for weed killing.

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    It looks like Ortho Weed B Gone Max is what I will look for next time I am at the store, and do some preemergent next year.

    My lawn has some big sections with weeds, I imagine it will look fairly ugly when I kill them this year. Should I replant where I am killing the weeds or just wait for the healthy grass to cover it.
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    You could try putting down some seed next year... but the preemergent stuff works on grass seed too, so you can't seed a lawn that has been applied with it. Something to remember for next year.

    Honestly, if the weeds are really that bad, you might consider a mechanical means to remove them. Cover them with black plastic and let them cook for a few weeks, then plant grass on top of them once they've rotted.

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    Default killing weeds and grass in my vegetable garden

    the grass and weeds have taken over my garden what is the best way to kill them

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    If they're actually in your garden bed you have a problem. There aren't any selective herbacides to work on a veggie or flower garden.

    There is a product called preen that will stop weed & grass seeds from germinating that you can use in such a garden, but only if you don't need veggie or flower seeds to germinate as they will be stopped too.

    To get rid of existing ones, you really have to go full out in killing them.

    Completely cover the garden with black plastic, cardboard, or newspaper, or a thick landscape fabric (that sunlight cannot get through), for 1 month to 6 weeks. It will kill everything in there. It is important that you do not leave any gaps for light to get through. You will have nice rich soil at the end of this as well. This is really the only way to repair a neglected garden, many of the grassy weeds will come back if you merely try to pull them out.

    If you like, you can try just pulling out the weeds nearest to your plants, and then putting the plastic/etc up to the base of your plants. It is more work but you can keep your plants. If you do this route I recommend cardboard, 2 layers thick, and then putting bark mulch on top of the cardboard, the cardboard will decompose, improving the soil, so you do not need to take it off after a month.

    The next step is prevention to make sure it doesn't happen again. Put some kind of border between your bed and your lawn or wherever it is. If you put something 4-6 inches into the ground grass cannot send runners under it. Then make sure your bed always has ample mulch on it, 2 inches or so, and weed regularly while the weeds are small and easy to get rid of.

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    I've also used wood chips with some success of keeping the weeds at bay.

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    I'm a tree hugger, so I don't use herbicides or weed killers. I find that the weeds only come up where there is no grass or the grass is getting thin. The best solution for me is to keep my yard well seeded and my grass healthy. It wards off weeds before they start.

    I do have trouble with dandelions around my gravel driveway. The gravel kills the grass and the weeds pop up around the edge of the driveway every spring. UGH. I've been struggling with the idea of spraying them with round up, but I just won't do it.

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    Honestly we need to do this but I am afraid that if I kill the weeds we will have nothing in our yard green. We have one sections that to me I feel is mostly weeds.

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    Default Killing the weeds

    Hello. I have read the thread you guys posted about killing the weeds.
    I have a similar problem. I live in North GA and purchased a House in October last year. Since the house was unoccupied for all last year the lawn suffered not only of weed infestation but also of the bad drought situation we were having all summer. It did quite some damage to the lawn. I was able to mowed it a couple of times and applied weed and feed. Since we were on thight water restrictions i couldn't water it enough. Right now (Feburary 28) we are having alot of weed growing. The lawn ist not growing, yet.
    I know i need to do something because I don't want to replant the whole lawn. I was thinking of getting the Ortho Weed B Gone Max and apply it?

    Do I need to cut the lawn shorter than the 2 inches i have had it? With that length i noticed that it just was green after the length or at least 1.5 inches. So, i didn't want to mow it shorter than that or i would have had a brown lawn. Since everything is brown now i might as well cut it shorter?
    What it the appropriate length anyways?

    I would appreciate help.


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