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Thread: Fast growing freeze proof hedges

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    Default Fast growing freeze proof hedges

    I have lived in the same place for 9 years. My Wife and I have tried lots of different shrubs, weeds (don't really know what some of them are) to block the view of the road and abate noise as much as possible. For the last three years (especially this winter) the freeze has really taken it's toll.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a shrub, that will quickly grow to around 6' or better that is thick enough that it can't easily be seen through and will withstand Florida's winter freeze/s? My yard is 184' wide. I want to do the entire front minus the gate which is 14' wide and the right side for about another 180'. The left side is already thick with Ligustrums which grow too tall and wide.

    I'm not up on the names of very many plants, but with a little help, I can certainly Google a suggestion and hopefully find some locally.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hello!! There are many hedge trees and shrubs which you can plant in your yard. some of them are fast growing shrubs. You can go for arborvitae hedge. cherry laurels etc. know more about hedge trees.

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