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    Default Garden Tools - Made in the USA

    Hey, tips on gardening tools. I got tired of breaking them cheap wooden tools from Home Depot and Lowes. Best gardening tool I ever used was The Raptor. I been using it for potting plants, weed removal, and edging. Great tool I been using for now a year and I can say its the best tool I ever used for gardening small and medium plants. Planted ten rows of tomato plants using this tool last summer. It has a nice grip too. To find these guys there over at the Raptor is the orange one.

    Well, thats my recommendation, I don't think i'll ever use them wooden tools again

    Anyone have any other suggestions for great American made gardening tools?


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    Default garden tools

    I found excellent old tools at yard sales and flea markets. They are not the cheap wooden handles which give splinters before they detach. Keep a look out for them and ask if they have any to sell later.
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    Yep, flee markets are good. Oddly enough sometimes auction houses a few old gardening tools that (might hold up) lol. I was using a late 1800s hand pick for doing some small gardening. Did not have a wooden handle but it still worked

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    Just came across another site that gives links to garden tools made in the USA... as well as other Garden products...thought this would help as well!

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    No problem, like a online USA made gardening store, but my favorites are the Predatortools

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    I too agree with flea markets, I have found many different well put together garden tools at this markets. Thank you for the link to the raptor, looks very high quality
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