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Thread: Unconventional Urban Gardening

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    Question Unconventional Urban Gardening

    Hi All!

    I live in the city with no garden or outdoor space to grow plants. I'm trying to grow my own vegetables but am not sure how to start.

    Does anyone have advice about unconventional gardening?
    I've heard about hydroponics, upside down gardening and growing in trash bags, but don't know about the maintenance, yield, pros/cons

    Would love some feedback!

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    Default Options for unconventional gardening

    Securely attach window boxes outside and set up a waterproof ledge inside to take advantage of all the sunlight you can. Lots of greens and herbs do not need direct sunlight so they could be placed on tall shelves (like bookcases) around your windows.

    Hanging baskets with tomato plants can reach down from your ceiling (like upside-down gardening). I would suggest raising a smaller variety of tomatoes so that they do not break the plant or fall off easily.

    Try a few seeds of several vegetables which are easy to grow (like radishes or lettuce) in long planters. Be sure to have stones in the bottom of the rich potting soil-peat moss combo for good drainage. Add a little water each day, especially if the plants are near a heat source or the sun is hot. Just don't overwater.


    Rose White, author
    "Easy Gardens A to Z"

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