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Thread: Bugs eating the flowers!

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    Default Bugs eating the flowers!

    Hi there,

    Not at all a gardener, but we have a frangipani growing in a pot on the balcony and it is starting to give away due to these little critters.
    I snapped a photo, so if anyone can see what they are and help me get rid of them.
    They have already ravaged a pot of dill which was growing next to it.

    I'm living in Sydney, Australia btw..

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    For some reason, I'm unable to view the picture you supplied but something that's helped me with bugs over the years is to mix 1 tablespoon of lemon ammonia with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing soap in one gallon of water. Spray your garden liberally every few days for a couple of weeks. This will help deter insects.
    I hope this helps.

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    For some reason I was unable to view my image too!

    But thank you for the suggestion, I will try that mixture

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    That little bug looks like bad news! Looks like some sort of parasite if that points you in the right direction? I hope you find a solution!
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    looks to me like mealy bugs, nasty critters. i would suggest an insecticidal soap, just make sure you do some follow up treatments to make sure the problem does not return. Cheers!

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    i agree with bigtomato, they do look like mealybugs, and i would also suggest some insecticidal soap (i use safer). you would have to wash those critters off with a hose, and spray on some soap. you could also use neem oil for prevention (works great for house plants). g'luck!
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