At the back of our house we have a subdeck which is about a foot below the lawn. In the spring the water from the melting snow pours down the stairs and begins to fill the subdeck. If it rises high enough, the level will climb above the door sill (the door from the basement opens into the subdeck) and flood the basement. I used to deal with this by vacuuming the water up with a ShopVac and then lugging the water to the back of the backyard where I could be sure that the water that I was dumping could not drain back into the subdeck. As you can imagine, this was fairly arduous.
Can you suggest a pump that would take care of the 2" of water that accumulates on the floor of the subdeck? I should be able to attach a garden hose to the pump to ensure that the water is being pumped far enough away from the subdeck - about 40 feet - so that it does not drain back.


Whitehorse, Yukon