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Thread: Make jam from your fruit!

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    Default Make jam from your fruit!

    I made jam not too long ago using peaches, strawberries and Sure Jell. I was thinking what a great time it would be to get together with the family and go berry picking. Then go home and make jam out the the berries we just picked. Have any of you made jam recently using Sure Jell?

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    Default Love Freezer Jam

    We took the kids strawberry picking this year and made great freezer jam. Sure Jell works great and is easy to use.

    The kids had a great time picking the berries and making the jam not to mention how good home made jam is. We are already down to 3 containers in the freezer.

    Gonna have to make more next year.
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    I made strawberry and blackberry jam for the first timetoday with sure jell.cant wait to see how it turns out. found a good receipt on youtube.

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    I haven't try it yet. Maybe I'll ask my wife to try it. I remember when I was I child my mother used to make us some guava jam. It is really tasty.

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