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    all of a sudden an entire raised bed of tomatos look sickly yellowing leaves and just not healty plants they other bed look great We have had so much rain it is july and I have not had to water yet.

    I get late blight frequently but this is not the same. not only are the lleaves turing yelly all the leaves seem smaller.

    I have on hand worm castings and probably at the bottom of the pile some compost do you thing a compost tea would help ???

    I had some copper soap sheild stuff that is supposed to be for fungus I did this morning of cource it is suppose to storm again tonight...

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    I'm not a fan of tomatoes, I don't grow them. But yellowing leaves is indicative of nitrogen deficiency.

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    I fertilized and sprayed with copper soap sheild for fungus and they are looking better not as good as the rest but there is healthy new growth on most of them.

    Though the best ones so far are the 3 I had no room for so I put them in the flower bed. being away form other tomatoes means diseases are not being passed around.

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    Default Serenade

    My tomatoes always get some kind of fungus. Last year, they died in one week. This year, I was determined to keep them alive. I used neem oil and Serenade (hard to find but good) on a rotating schedule. The plants lasted all summer, the fungus slowing ever so slowly creeping further up.

    I hope this helps.


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