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Thread: new to landscaping

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    Default new to landscaping

    Just thought I'd say hi. My wife and I are purchasing our first house with 0 yardwork done, so I thought I would need all of the help I could get.

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    Hi, if you have any questions, post them.

    My #1 advice generic to give anyone... try to get shrubs with contrasting foliage colors, plant them in odd numbers, and staggered depths (a straight line of contrasting colors doesn't work, you're mixing formal and informal styles). So if you want a straigh hedge, get all the same thing, if you want a mixture, aim for contrasting foliage colors and textures. And there is no reason why you can't have both (for instance a hedge at the front border of a bed, and behind it the other shrubs).

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    thanks for the info and article!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cliffhokie View Post
    Just thought I'd say hi. My wife and I are purchasing our first house with 0 yardwork done, so I thought I would need all of the help I could get.

    What state do you live in? How much sun does each side of your house get?

    You should be exciting that you get to design your whole yard without any other previous landscaping!
    The fun is just beginning.


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    Default No landscaping is GREAT!

    You can have quite a goot time with a bare canvas:

    We bought this house 1.5 years ago with nothing but grass. Our 'design' has continually changed and expanded, plants have been moved, and moved again, but the results make it a joy to come home to:
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    Do your research first, consider that sometimes hiring a professional landscaper may save you not only time but a money in the long run. regards and good luck

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    You need to to back to square one. know about what tools that you'll be needing, Type of design that will definitely fit for the household and a certain people that are professional that knows about cultivation and gardening.

    Gardening Ideas

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    Smile Landscape Design

    Landscape design is the art of modifying land areas by organizing natural, cultivated, or constructed elements according to a comprehensive, aesthetic plan. It includes topographical features such as hills, valleys, rivers, and ponds; growing things such as trees, shrubbery, grass, and flowers; and constructions such as buildings, terraces, roads, bridges, fountains, and statuary. If you want to try landscaping in your house you have to select the focal point. Think about your courtyard next to the pool, there will be people walking and chatting or resting there. Landscaping will make your house beautiful and attractive. And you’ll have a chance of enticing of aptitude buyers when you decided to sale your house .It will also give you satisfaction with a home while you live there.

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    That is a quite the blank canvas. Maybe some golf practice?

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    Default perennial garden

    I just want to suggest perennial garden

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