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    I have two butterfly bushes and cone flowers, I have found the butterflies love both. I didn't know they liked parsley, I will have to plant some in my garden this year.

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    I'd have to try the butterfly bushes then. I love this thread! Now, I don't just have to content myself with looking at the pretty butterflies on my phone and on my computer as my background and screensaver. I do love to go out and see those butterflies for real. I've just started with gardening again though and have gone through a lot of stuff online, including this helpful thread.

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    Add nectar-rich flowering plants to your garden. Similar plants like sunflowers, marigolds and some pentas, attract butterflies and avoid spraying poisonous pesticides if possible.

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    They like Yarrow, and Rose of Sharon also. I use mass plantings of many plants suggested here. What you also should do is give them a place to drink water. I use a small birdbath in the center of my planting with a flat rock in the center just above the water line. I remember reading not long ago, a monarch butterfly can smell Asclepias incarnata butterfly weed from 20 miles away. So there is that.

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