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Thread: Butterflies

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    Default Butterflies

    When I was growing up, we always seemed to have tons of butterflies in our yards and gardens. I don't seem to have that now, though, so what should I do to attract them more?

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    Default natives

    Find out what plants and bushes are native to your area and plant them. I have milkweed, parsley, passion vine in the flower garden. Those are host plants. I also have native plum, blueberry, serviceberry and goldenrod and of course, a butterfly bush also is works wonders. This time of year I see loads of butterflies in the yard, landing on the flowers for nectar and laying their eggs on the host plants. Oh, also some zinnia, they love zinnias.
    I hope this helps. The host plants can be started from seed, very easy.

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    We use buddleja (butterfly bush) in Britain. Our native butterfly's love it. I don't know if it's the same in America but you could always give it a go.
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    I grow alot of coneflowers and it really seems to attract them, also beebalm is supposed to be good as well,

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    Here is an article I wrote on attracting butterflies to your garden. You might find it helpful:

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    Coming into Spring Butterflies do like Lavender, Primroses, Forget me not, Sweet william and Bluebells.

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    All great advice..I will add..
    or use chemical sprays responsibily

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    The butterflies here really seem to like our Sedum Spectabile.
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    Nowadays end of greenery and due to pollution butterflies end in city but it now available in rural areas.
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    +1 on the butterfly bush vote. If they grow in your area, they will be loaded with butterflies by mid-summer!

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