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    Default Growing Cilantro

    I was wondering if anyone has any luck growing Cilantro in their herb garden? I have never tried it but would like to next year.

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    I have grown cilantro. If it grew for me, it can't be that difficult. I didn't grow it from seed, I purchased plants.

    Herbs are sometimes difficult from seed as they are so tiny when sprouting. I always do better with seeds that are obvious when sprouting like beans, peas, watermelon, etc. Even tomato plants have small sprouts that are easy to trample on if you aren't carefully watching them.
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    Thanks for the tip. Did you have any luck growing them from the seeds? I think that I might just try to grow some and see what happens.

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    I have found it is easy to grow from seeds. but I also find it goes to seed fairly fast so sow some in sucession... save the seed from some for planting next year . When it goes to seed the seed is known as corriander

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    Cilantro was pretty easy when I did it. I don't think I did anything special to grow it.

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