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Thread: Bluebells

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    Sorry this is an old thread - just found it. In the UK, the native English bluebell (hyacinthoides non-scripta) is protected because it is under threat from the Spanish bluebell (hyacinthoides hispanica). The Spanish bluebell makes a better garden plant and was introduced to the UK some 300 years ago, but some have escaped into the wild and are cross-pollinating with the English bluebell.
    I wrote an article about it if you are interested.

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    I heard that in California it is against the law to pick Golden Poppies, but I think it is just a myth. When I think of all the poppies I picked growing up...
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    bluebell is really best flower
    i also like this too much
    it really looks so different
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    it is best flower
    it is my favorite flower
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    bluebell is unique flowers
    it is my favorite flower
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    A weed is just a plant that is growing in the wrong place! Almost everything I can think of has a use and is necessary in terms of habitat, food or healing properties. We choose not to have certain things in our gardens and if they insist on growing anyway we call them weeds. Primroses look wonderful growing wild, they are like a carpet of pale lemon in spring. They grow wild across UK but I have seen loads in Cornwall. The ones we grow in our gardens are a different cultivated type with stronger colours and less delicate flowers.
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    I have plant rose in my garden
    I take care of it daily and hope that it will give more beautiful flowers.
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