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Thread: Secret to Attracting Butterlies

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    Default Secret to Attracting Butterlies

    Does anyone know the best flowers to plant in your garden to attract an array of various butterfly species?

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    I'm not sure about your own area Angelicwriter, but where I am I have lavender and buddlia in my garden which attract many many butterflies and other insects.

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    We have few of these lavendars and lilies, not sure which one of those both attract these butterflies.

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    I hope that this information will help you. Basically nectar-rich plants attract butterflies. Plants like; Buddleia, A nettle patch (somewhere discreet for caterpillars) Bluebell, Honeysuckle, Hyssop, St John's Wort, Sweet William, Thyme, Yellow primrose, Grape, Hyacinth, Honesty, Candytuft, Ice plant, Helychrisum, Snapdragon, Sweet Pea and Lupine. There are of course, other plants the list goes on.

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    I imagine that the types of plants would depend on your location. Black Eyed Susans, Asters, and Coneflowers are said to draw butterflies

    Here is a site that has more information!

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    I never knew that there were actual plants or flowers that specifically attracted butterflies. I think that it would be great to have a butterfly garden.

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    what i am gonna tell you is really interesting and informative
    milkweed is the flowery plant that attracts butterflies most because caterpillars eat the leaves of this plant happily so butterflies don't find any plant better than this to lay eggs on ..

    Also try lantanas !

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    Bee great for me.

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    Default Hedging Plants

    Hedges. Undoubtedly, hedging plants are the best ways to attract wildlife including butterflies in your garden. There are many hedges which would definitely attract wildlife. Go for Schip Laurel (Cherry laurel), English laurel. Such hedges produces creamy white flowers which are ultimate reason for the wildlife.

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