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Thread: Cutting Flowers From Your Garden

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    I've used both the aspirin and sugar at the same time. One teaspoon's enough and one aspirin in a vase of water. Changing the water every other day completely seems to help too (remember to add the sugar and aspirin again!) as does keeping them in a cool room rather than hot.

    Also, try submerging them completely in a sink of cold water for an hour or so before putting them in a vase. This helps them absorb water not only through the bottom of the stem but the leaves as well and gives them a good well watered start.

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    Another option is to choose flowers from your garden that dry well.

    Hang them up in in an area with good ventilation and dry them, then spray them with preservative and stick them in a cool vase!

    I do this wi the flowers my husband send me. some are tied in a bunch with ribbon and just laid on the mantle above the fireplace!

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    These all seem like really good solutions to me. But they all seem to agree on one thing, cut the stems at an angle. This is something my grandmother told me years ago and you know, grandmother's always seem to give the best advice.

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