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Thread: Hot Peppers

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    I've never heard of changing the taste of the same kind of pepper. I agree with everyone else, grow as many varieties as you can till you find your favorite
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Reeves View Post
    Hello, my name is Sam. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if there is anything one can do that will alter the taste or "hotness" of peppers. I live in a mountainous area of North Georgia and the base soil is primarily red clay.
    Old thread I know...

    If you want to make a hot pepper hotter in the weeks leading up to harvesting the peppers stress the plant - give it less water, not fertilizer, etc.
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    If you like really hot peppers you should try Thai chilies, or any chilies, and habaneros. The Habanero chilies are too hot for me. I prefer japs. So far I haven't been successful growing anything. Everything I grow starts out well, but then I forget to water my plants and everything dies. This year I'm going to try harder.

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    No if you want seriously hot chili peppers then its the Naga Viper Pepper, which is over a hundred times hotter than Jalapenos

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    We raise anywhere from 100 to 200 peppers a year, 75% are Hot peppers...
    Now, I have read and been told that the Hotter the weather, the hotter the pepper...
    If that is so, You should be good to go in Georgia..
    However, we raise Bhut Jolokia in Minnesota, and I can't imagine them being any hotter, we do have extra ISOLATED FOR PURITY...seeds I'd be curious to exchange with someone in a warmer climate to test the theory..
    One member mentioned the Naga Viper...
    The New Mexico Chili Institute has invited the developer to their facility to test the Naga Viper, Although it is reputed as being the hottest pepper now, beating out the Bhut Jolokia...the facts Have Not Been verified

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