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Thread: Hummingbirds

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    Hummers will return over and over year after year once they find the feeder. I've even had them come the FOLLOWING year looking for the feeder that wasn't out yet. If your patient you can train them to be hand fed. ( I'm not that patient).
    I just get the Ruby Throated here and mostly females but they are a fun and brave little bird.

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    Default When we spent time on the West coast

    Hummingbirds were regular visitors to our sugar feeders - being fromthe UK I never really got over my excitement when they showed up - magnificent

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    just use 1 cup sugar 4 cups water in a feeder
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    Usually it doesn't make much of a difference, but sometimes real flowers bring out the hummingbirds a little bit better than plastic feeders. If you want to use real flowers I would recommend planting bright colored flowers that produce a lot of nectar. Scarlet creeper and trumpet honeysuckle are great flowers for attracting hummingbirds.
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    If you want to plant flowers to attracts hummingbirds, your best bet is to go for trumpet or tubular flowers
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    I like birds so much
    i don't like to put these in cage
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    Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing them on the forums! I've not seen any hummingbirds here by our house. But we do get a fair share of blue jays, cardinals, and robins....BIG FAT robins.

    One year, there was a baby robin on our lawn that had fallen out of the nest. We didn't see a mama anywhere. My wife walked up to it to help it out and it started chirping like crazy. Then, out of no where...SWOOOOSH! That mama came down and was gonna open up a can on my wife. WOW! It was hard for me not to laugh. My wife didn't think it was too funny though!

    thanks again for sharing.

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    Funny story on mama Robin, we had a plastic hummingbird feeder at our old house just outside the kitchen window. We got to see tons of hummingbirds and the feeder was red but did not have any flower shape so really I am surprised they stopped, maybe because it was a red color. Well I am excited to start attracting hummingbirds once again, I think I will try to plant flowers that would naturally attract the birds, I feel it would be better to see them in a natural environment. Thanks for the beautiful pics RootRot!

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    Let me share with you the best hummingbird feeder in the world. The Hummingbird Vine (Campsis Radicans). We grow these and sell to a large mail order perennial plant company in Michigan (sure you kow them- they buy from us for .68 cents and sell for 12.99). I planted a few of these little witch's fingers (what we'd call them as children) around my back porch just to see what the fuss was about with us selling over 50,000 a year to this company. now i see! Hummingbirds have fights over these plant's blooms. They have a deep center see this pic of a hummingbird vine and you will see why they love them. The depth is perfect for their little beaks to enjoy fresh nectar from.
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    Yes, hummingbirds are nice and all... But not when they're dive-bombing on you while you're trying to work on your garden. They're like little kamikaze planes ready to poke my eyes out. So rather than fighting back, I run back into my house screaming and the little buggers fly right up to my window as if to taunt me and make fun of me. I bet they're just laughing their little butts off when they send me into the house.
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