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    When we test our soil should we just be concern with getting the soil's PH Balance? I saw that there are also test for N, P, K. Can someone please clarify?


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    It depends what type of soil you have also. Certain plants prefer a more acidic soil whereas other plants prefer a less acidic soil, but you need to know what type of soil you have first. There is a lot of equipment you can get for example, there is even a compost thermometer. You can also test for pH, N, P, K Soil. You can also check how fertile a flower is.

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    I guess what I'm asking is what is the most common test, PH balance? And is this test usually enough?

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    Have a look at this site it provides quite comprehensive information and will probably have the answer to your question.

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    Default pH balance in your soil

    The problem with testing pH levels in your soil is that every section of your yard has different levels - at least that was the way with my garden. So I purchased a $15 device at a local nursery which is stuck into the ground. The pH level appears instantly.

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