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    What are the best flowers for a wedding bouqet? I am wanting to renew my vows and was wondering what kind of flowers would look good in a bouqet.

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    Sort of a new trend that I really like is just having one single flower. Any flower could work, although you'll want something larger. The bride's favorites should really be used. Your can put a little ribbon on them, and maybe include some babies breath or something in the bride's bouquet.

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    Oh wow one flower I like that idea. I could use sunflowers because it would be summery. Thanks for your advice.

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    I was going to ask what your wedding colors were, but it sounds like you're already leaning toward sunflowers.

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    Default Fantastic Idea

    I never consider a wedding bouqet with one single flower. It sounds like a fantastic idea to bring additional floral detail to the decor.

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    I have never thought of one flower for a wedding bouget. But sounds like a good idea. Keep it simple , beautiful.

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    I really like the sunflower idea. Surrounded by white lace and baby's breath. I hope someone does it and sends us all a picture.

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    I never though about using just one flower but I think that would be really different and look nice. I did see a bouquet of lilies once that was really nice also.

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    make sure if the lilies are from your own garden that you pinch out the stamens the pollen stains something feirce.

    anything sturdy from your garden would be lovely.... large zinnias, roses, anything blooming that does not easly wilt.

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