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    Has anyone had any experience with climbing roses? I would love to find a thornless fragrant variety to put around my deck. Any information or recommendations would be wonderful!

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    I have several climbing roses in my garden, all have thorns but they are beautiful. They flower in abundance and they need very little looking after. I cut them back a bit every couple of years and I spray them for black spot when I treat my other roses, but that is about it. I don't know what varieties mine are, they have been in the garden for years.

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    I'm glad they don't need a whole lot of fuss. I have heard that climbing roses seem to bloom even more abundantly than other varieties.

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    We have some that whoever had our house before us must have planted. I have no clue what kind they are but they are beautiful and I have yet to do anything with them.

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    Climing roses provide wonderful varients of colour adding to the combination of flowers in your garden. They also have the benefit of not taking up ground. Climbing roses vary in winter hardiness. The varieties of rose are very beautiful and varied you can get large or small roses.

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    We've never had a variety without thorns, but that part never really bothered me. They're gorgeous to have and really aren't that hard to take care of.

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    Trying out some white roses would be good, I'm not sure about the fragrance but it would be great climbing rose with very less thorns.

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    Default climbing roses

    I have raised climbing roses which bloom all summer (although the blooms are more beautiful in June) and love them. Make sure your container has sufficient soil to grow them. I do not know any fragrant varieties without thorns, but look in Brecks or Springhill Garden catalogs.

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