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Thread: Aloe Vera

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    Actually it is very easy to grow an aloe vera plant just about anywhere as it does not need any maintainence. it is a succulant i.e the leaves have about 95% water in them and they prefer dry summer climates. so it is good to keep the indoor potted ones outside from time to time to get ample sunlight. cannot grow one in freezing climates....

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    Thank you so much atula, this is of great help. I'm planning to get one today for myself. Glad to know that it doesn't need so much of maintainence.

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    My mother has grown Aloe Vera in the garden.She oftens used the sap of it for skin condition such as cuts,burns,and eczema.The sap from it eases pain and reduces inflamation.

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    Aloe vera is actually good for almost of my friends used to mix the sap in her oil and apply it on the hair....and she had the most beautiful hair.... something we all admired and were jealous of...

    as a skin tonic it is especially very very good...all herbal products have aloe in them...

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    Default healing aloe plant

    Quote Originally Posted by mbtaluka View Post
    I heard about all the wonders that Aloe vera can make. Mostly I came across to know the uses for beauty. They work as great products for any beauty issues.
    It definitely worked in healing me. I had a burn on my knuckle which did not heal for almost a month. Then, someone broke off a piece of the aloe plant and I rubbed it on my finger. The next day a scab started!

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