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    Default Apple trees

    Living and gardening on a sand dune/Oak Savanna 70 ft above a river. I want to plant apple trees, which my nieghbors had no success with but can grow a fine bunch of peaches. I have access to an unlimited amount of composted horse manure and fine black dirt for growing on the dune top or can grow an a marshy river bottom. I would prefer the dune top.

    Plan to dig a large deep hole in the sand and fill the bottom with manure, then black dirt, jonathan apple tree and top off with dirt.

    I would appreciate any feed back or ideas for success. Thanks jb

    P.S Just put in a raised bed garden after building the soil through composting for years and tilling in copious amounts of composted manure. Really looking forward to this years garden. Love this site. jb

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    It sounds like you're in the south, right?

    Some trees just do better in certain climates. Peaches in the south, apples in the north. The trees need the cold winter season.

    I'm from the north in anycase and can't give you any guidance on southern planting.

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