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Thread: Deer deterrents?

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    I hear you on the fencing. It is quite expensive and you would need to have a pretty high fence. Can't deer jump pretty high?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tater03 View Post
    I hear you on the fencing. It is quite expensive and you would need to have a pretty high fence. Can't deer jump pretty high?
    Deer can jump fairly high but it is the chance they don't make it all the way over that could be a real problem.

    Deer get caught up in all sorts of things because they tend to panic. If the deer doesn't get all the way over the fence then you have to contend with getting animal control out to remove the deer.

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    My brother has a bit of a problem with deer, I'm not sure what type of deer they are. He says that the sound of dogs puts them off and they don't like movement. He has some old fertilizer sacks hung in various places around the garden, they flap and make a crackling noise if the breeze catches them. He can unhook them and put them away if he wants to enjoy the garden. He uses old Cd's hung up to scare birds (the moving reflected light bothers them) and he thinks that these deter the deer too.

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    Bamboo really works. I have also seen mesh laid across it.

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    the bamboo water thing was in the movie Kill Bill, vol 1., during the fight scene between Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu

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    Hmm. This reminds me..we have deer problems too, I remember watching a news article a few years back that said deer have an instinctive fear of lions. Lion dung has been used from safari parks and zoos to keep deer away. Apparently it is very effective.

    We've tried everything. ..
    can't get hold of lion dung though..

    I'm thinking of making a kind of lion shaped scarecrow
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    You can get that Shishi Odoshi water feature here too:

    They also do ultrasonic deer repellers too, which I think are cheaper and would take up less space in your garden. Not quite as pretty though, for sure.

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    This may sound gross, but sometimes you can find coyote/wolf urine. I'm not sure if it works, but I've seen it and it's supposed to scare them away and odorless.
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    I think deer are pretty skittish creatures as it is so maybe it would always make them take off?
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    Default Deer deterrents

    I have struggled with the deer for several years, our property is fenced, but deer can jump high. I now have a garden area with a 6 foot fence that the deer have never got into. I plant my vegetables, berries and all of my favorite flowers. Around my house in the open I plant plants like lavender.

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