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Thread: Deer deterrents?

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    Default Deer deterrents?

    My new neighbor was telling me the oher day that we'll get a lot of deer from the forest across the road as the weather warms up. He said that you can wake up to 8 or 9 in your yard on an early morning!

    I'd like to see them but don't want to lose all my plants to them either. A few I don't mind but I'd hate to find my garden bare one morning. Any suggestions for deterrents to keep them away from my veg and flowerbeds? Nothing that would hurt them, just that would put them off a bit.

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    One thing you can do is to avoid planting tulips. I was told that deer like the taste of tulips.

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    You can make a fountain with a bamboo tipper. Each time the bamboo tips, it makes a clicking sound that frightens deer away.

    It is called the "Deer Scarer" or "shishi odoshi"

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    I have never seen those before. Thanks for sharing that product. I will have to pass this along to my mother in law who has problems with deer on her property.

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    I have always wondered if the deer eventually figure out that the clicking sound of the fountain, will cause them no harm!

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    You know they might but deer are pretty skittish creatures as it is so maybe it would always make them take off?

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    I never checked out this product before SageMother, thats a great idea. Try to construct a strong fence which wouldn't allow them to enter in.

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    I'd say that your best defense would be good strong fencing!

    If you don't want to keep them out of the garden you could try just covering things that you think will be particularly attractive to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tater03 View Post
    You know they might but deer are pretty skittish creatures as it is so maybe it would always make them take off?
    Very true!

    I guess they wouldn't stick around long enough to figure things out! I know they will run from anyone holding a stick during deer season!

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    Thanks for the help, everyone! The fencing I'd like to do eventually but it's a big property and that's simply cost prohibitive right now. I'd be cheaper replacing the plants.

    SageMother, I love that fountain. Even if I didn't have deer running amok, I'd still like one of those. Beautiful.

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