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Thread: Slugs

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    Slugs are the worst, they are like a plague to a garden, there are a lot of good tips here which is great. If you re-do your garden bed with compost or new soil, I would recommend mixing in some sand or hard rock material to deter the slugs next year this way they will stay out of your garden without you having to empty out traps everyday or going out every night to commit slug murder.

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    i have tried the beer trap method, without success. I tried to keep them off strawberry plants. I have raised beds and everything. i hate to use any of the slug pellets. maybe the lemonade will work. thanks for that tip, hadn't heard of it.

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    This thread started few years back but anyhow,...
    if beer traps donít work let them eat cornmeal,
    usually slugs die after eating it
    and if that still doesnít work,
    mix a few amount of ammonia to water
    and directly spray it to slugs.

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    I have heard a lot about the beer traps, and I've seen a couple of videos on youtube. And judging from the results i've seen I really think the trap works. It's worth trying.

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    Slugs damages shady gardens.
    You can see them in the moistest parts of the gardens or during rainy season;
    But if there are many slugs this year, that doesn't mean you will see more of them the following year.
    If you want to see fewer slugs, better make sure watch out for the moist conditions of your garden.

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    Even here in Australia, the beer works fine to kill the snails / slugs
    Cheers from Australia

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