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    Justontime, thanks for the information. I've been pretty busy this week try to get other things done, but I will get online this weekend and check it out. I would like to have grass in my yard that isn't yucky. :-)
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    Default no maintenance gardens

    Quote Originally Posted by mbtaluka View Post
    I'm not having a backyard when I can make a garden with grass rather can grow plants instead of grass. I don't think I would be willing to use anything that would strain more and need loads of care to be taken.
    What you need is a no-maintenance garden. You do the work one year and reap the harvest for many years to come. A garden can look beautiful in the sun or shade 12 months a year with little or no maintenance. You never have to mow grass again unless you enjoy it! Check out "Easy Gardens A to Z" at http://www.************************ or at Amazon Kindle.

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