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Thread: Climbing Plant for Shady Fence

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    I bought two Virginia Creeper plants yesterday for one end of the fence, I haven't got the rose yet as I may need to send away for the sort.

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    Something else that might help is an English Ivy. Not only are they attractive they will take over a large fence in minimum time.
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    Anybody else dealt much with Mandevilla? I just recently got some at home depot. Found some crazy coupons online and grabbled a few to start on the side of my woodshed.

    I hope they will last. They're beautiful!


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    Mandevillas are great as patio plants and can be potted.
    Their flowers also add beauty to any landscape.

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    I love mendevillas but you have to take them in for the winter. Here in the mountains of Tennessee it gets extremely cold in the winter time now. We used to not hardly ever get below freezing for long and now, it gets below zero.
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