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Thread: Roses

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    Is there a variety that is easier to grow, or are they all easy? I've heard they need a lot of water, is that true?

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    Yes, they are fairly easy to grow and they need no more water than any other plant. It is always a good idea to water them 2-3 times a week when you first plant them until they have taken root. If you live in a hot climate, like I do-Phoenix, it is also a good idea to water them in the evening at least 2x a week during the summer after they have taken root.
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    Soils with good drainage are best for rose growing. Avoid late evening watering, which could foster powdery mildew. Powdery mildew is a very common disease among roses. Rose growing in conditions where adequate spacing is not provided can foster powdery mildew, as well, don't plant them too closely together. Follow spacing requirements for each particular variety when purchasing rose bushes, as indicated on the plant label. Roses like six hours of sun per day.Six hours of morning sun is preferable to six hours of afternoon sun.

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    Default growing roses

    Roses are very sensitive to their environment. Make sure to plant the roots in soil as opposed to pots. If you get them as bare root roses, I have found that if you soak them in a solution I make called Rose-Buddy, it will boost the strength of the plant's immune system and reduce the shock of being planted. It's also all natural and can be used as a supplement to all rose food.

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    Default watering roses

    Do not over water as this leads to root rot. Water them when the soil is dry and water only the roots, not the roses, as this leads to other forms of rose fungi.

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    Default Easy roses

    Quote Originally Posted by tater03 View Post
    I love roses but have yet to plant any since we moved here. I will have to use some of these tips. There were some great ones on here.
    When I moved to my house 20 years ago, I was a beginner gardener and bought roses and fruit trees and shade plants which I liked. I planted them with peat moss mixed into the soil and watered almost daily and most of them grew very happily.

    If you have the time and inclination to study growing roses, do so. But if you want a head start, just plant a couple. My favorites are always ever-blooming perennial roses which grow over a rose arbor. Enjoy!

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    here is a complete guide to planting and growing roses. Hope this helps. good luck.
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    Roses are really difficult to grow
    i also like roses in my garden so much
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    Roses are really so beautiful flower
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    Roses is the beauty of any happiness and with out roses any celebration is not complete.
    I really love roses.
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