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    I love roses but have never tried to grow them and have heard that they are difficult. Does anyone have any tips?

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    Well what my mom said was to cut the stem of the rose plant in a slant manner in order for it to grow that too if we borrow from someone else the stem. It does grow well if planted in this way.

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    Roses are not difficult at all. I love roses. Just be careful of the thorns. When you are planting your roses get some bone meal and place it in the bottom of the hole and then put your plant in with good soil. Also get some vitamin B12 for plants, this will alleviate any transplant shock and give the row is a good chance to grow.

    As for pruning your roses, only cut below a branching stem of 5 leaves. This is usually where a new bud will begin. If you are letting the flowers grow and die on the stem, you need to snip or pinch the bulb off right at the base of the flower.

    If you are cutting your roses and putting them in vases, perimeter the leaves off that will be in the base, cut the bottom of the stem a 45 degree angle and place them in a glass of hot water for a few minutes. This will stimulate the fluids with in the stem to continue flowing. Then place in your vase with a mixture of water and a teaspoon of sugar. This will make your cut roses last longer.

    Hope this helps. :-)
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    I don't think roses are especially hard to grow, I don't have too much problem with mine. I like climbing roses best of all, when you are buying your plants make sure you know what the ones you choose will look like, roses come in all shapes and sizes so you need to be clear about what will suit your garden best

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    My brother bought my mother some miniature roses years ago. Those are roses that are not more than an inch in diameter when in bloom. She was living in a house at that time here in Arizona. When she sold the house she did not want to leave her roses. She dug them up and took them to my grandmother in California, near Santa Rosa area. The next year she went to visit my grandmother and the roses were about 3 inches in diameter in bloom. This just goes to show you that roses can floragish if they're taken care of.
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    Thanks for the tips, everyone!

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    Default growing roses

    Roses are very sensitive to their environment. Make sure to plant the roots in soil as opposed to pots. If you get them as bare root roses, I have found that if you soak them in a solution I make called Rose-Buddy, it will boost the strength of the plant's immune system and reduce the shock of being planted. It's also all natural and can be used as a supplement to all rose food.

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    Talking Plant miniature rose in January

    My husband bought me a miniature rose at the grocery store. It came in a pot and It is not healthy. Wondering if I should try to plant now or wait until spring. And in the meantime, how can I bring it back to life? Transplant to bigger pot?


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    I just bought my first home and now have a small yard/garden. I too love roses, but don't have any type of green thumb and no clue. What I did was go to the library and checked out every book they had on roses. They are pretty hardy and I live in the desert so I looked for ones that like this climate. I am now prepping the soil. I have way to many huge rocks. I cleared out what I could and put in extra soil, a little fertilizer and some mulch. I will be planting next month and in the meantime, I deciding which ones to plant. Then I cross my fingers and hold my breath and hope all this back breaking gardening pays off.

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