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Thread: Roses

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    Roses are best flower
    every one like roses
    No Problem

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    Roses are really difficult to grow
    i also like roses in my garden so much
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    Roses are my favorite.Frankly speaking I tried to grow them but did not succeed.Well my unty has a big garden where there are different types of roses.So every morning I take a long walk in the garden to enjoy the beauty of it.
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    Roses are really difficult to grow
    i also like roses in my garden so much
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    I like roses so much
    these are best and attracting flowers of world
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    Default Roses - Cody Wellard

    We have climbing roses growing on the side of our car park, they get early morning and late night sun. I fertilize them several times during the year. We have a thick layer of wood shavings at the base of the rose plant. It blooms an awesome show each year it is David Austins' Paul's Himalayan Musk. (Thisis my first attempt at inserting a link, I hope it works.

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    Talking Plant miniature rose in January

    My husband bought me a miniature rose at the grocery store. It came in a pot and It is not healthy. Wondering if I should try to plant now or wait until spring. And in the meantime, how can I bring it back to life? Transplant to bigger pot?


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    I just bought my first home and now have a small yard/garden. I too love roses, but don't have any type of green thumb and no clue. What I did was go to the library and checked out every book they had on roses. They are pretty hardy and I live in the desert so I looked for ones that like this climate. I am now prepping the soil. I have way to many huge rocks. I cleared out what I could and put in extra soil, a little fertilizer and some mulch. I will be planting next month and in the meantime, I deciding which ones to plant. Then I cross my fingers and hold my breath and hope all this back breaking gardening pays off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamabear05 View Post
    I love roses but have never tried to grow them and have heard that they are difficult. Does anyone have any tips?
    Roses are very sensitive to their environment. Make sure to plant the roots in soil as opposed to pots.
    Btw, I really like roses, even if my rose garden is blooming, I often assemble it into standing flowers to decorate my room.

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