I have one spot right outside my front window that's about eight feet square.

There's a small bed only about eight inches wide right under the window that I planted petunias in this morning. I love them! Cheap and cheerful and spread great. This bare patch is right in front of it next to the drive. It's perfectly flat and is well...dust. That's about it. It's baldy, not even weeds grow on it.

When it rains, the water flows down the hill and gushes off the side of our sloping drive onto this bit of ground. Any seeds wouldn't have a chance to root before getting washed away. This is why I think it's bare in the first place, combined with the shade of surrounding trees.

I'd really like to do something with it but what? I can't afford to spend a fortune and am tempted just to put turf down on it but I'd like to be a bit more creative than that if possible. Any ideas? I'm in zone 7.