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Thread: Fish meal questions

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    I have not heard of whole fish buring in the soil.Does it really happens in reality?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2manyboyz View Post
    It's a little scary that people read what I post. I just till it into my garden. In a garden it is 1/2 to 1 pound for ever 50 sq feet.

    For a potted plant I would use a small amount (probably half a teaspoon) and mix it into the soil if I were repotting. If I weren't repotting, I'd just mix it into the water. It is a slow release fertilizer. It takes 30-60 days to release into the soil.
    Thanks very much for the guidance, mom2manyboyz. Since I originally posted this thread I've found another big bag in the shed, so I'm doubly grateful! I'll do it your way. Can you put it down on grass too or do you think that would be a waste? I've no idea if it's expensive or not but if it is, the grass can do without LOL.

    Love the three sisters story too, thanks for sharing that! That was new to me.

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    I believe it runs around $5.00 per pound. I don't know about the grass. I don't think I would put it directly on the grass. If I had an area of weeds that I had tilled in the spring to replant grass seed, I might add some fishmeal during the tilling process.

    Good luck

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    Default adding fish to your gardens

    Quote Originally Posted by Green-Moo View Post
    I'd heard the beans / corn / squash combo described as the three sisters before, but never heard about the addition of the fish before. I imagine my cats would dig the dead fish back out before they had a chance to do the plants any good at all!!
    Burying fish when planting a garden is what the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims.

    Rose White, author
    "Easy Gardens A to Z"

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